Customizable Gift Box - Large

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Fruit cheese or Cherry Pits Pillow

Please, choose a fruit cheese or our wonderfull termotherapy pillow

Liqueur * Obrigatório

Please choose a liqueur

Jam or bittersweet * Obrigatório

Choose a Jam or a bittersweet


Choose one more liqueur to complete your gift

Jam or Bittersweet

Choose one more jam or bittersweet to complete your gift pack

Fruit Cheese

Offer our wonderful thermotherapy pillow and your gift set will be perfect!

Artisanal soap

Choose a soap and define if you want it with or without a sisal bag.

Item %% req.component_name %% é obrigatório.

Você selecionou  %% selectedNbrComponents %%  de  %% totalNbrComponents %%  item(s).

Preço base (IVA incl.) %% getFormattedPrice(basePrice) %%
Total de itens (IVA incl.) %% getFormattedPrice(itemPrice) %%
Total (IVA incl.) %% getFormattedPrice(totalPrice) %%

34Wx9Hx25D or 34Wx9Hx34D

Product customization

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Do you want to offer a cute and sweet gift?!

You can configure your giftbox by choosing from the various options available.

This box, at least, can contain a fruitcheese/stone pillow, a jam/bittersweet and a liqueur.
However, you can choose up to 5 items.


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