Data protection

GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of the information that may be provided by site users. Therefore, GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM shall make every effort to respect the right to privacy of these users and to treat any personal information under the terms permitted by law.

When a customer places an order on GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM, GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM will save this data in its databases. GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM will not communicate any information gathered to third parties, without the prior written consent of the users and owners of this data, except for the sharing of information with partners needed for logistical operations and billing of orders. Identifiable personal information will be used for purposes of communication by GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM.

If the user wants to consult or correct his data registered on GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM he shall do so by written request to Customer Service through the e-mail


The GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM site may use cookies (so as to provide personalised contents, record traffic patterns of users, among others). GROSELHA-ESPIM.COM notifies the user of such use.